Tips For Your Hair During Quarantine

Each strand of your hair is made up of a tough protein form known as Keratin. This protein is the key structural material in the outer layer of human skin as well the nails on both your hands and feet. The internal structure of your hair follicles is approximately 90% Keratin, which is why it is so important that your daily protein intake is high enough.

Protein in your diet is broken down into individual amino acids that are restructured to produce Keratin.

Keratin is produced by the body using a variety of nutrients, including most importantly Protein. A high-protein diet can help to increase and maintain a high Keratin synthesis rate. Quicker and healthier hair growth will be seen when Keratin synthesis is at a high level. Biotin also plays an important role in the production of Keratin. Biotin, a B Vitamin, is used widely as a hair loss supplement and a single serving of Help Hair Whey Protein contains your recommended daily intake.

Another nutrient needed by your body to produce Keratin is Zinc. A Zinc deficiency may lead to hair loss, dry skin, brittle nails and fatigue. These are all signs that your body isn’t able to produce the necessary Keratin for healthy bodily function.

Protein deficiency can lead to very rapid hair loss, as the body struggles to produce the necessary Keratin it needs to maintain your hair to its optimal condition. Help Hair Whey Protein Shake provides an easy way to supplement your daily diet with an extra source of protein.

To ensure that your hair is strong, shiny and smooth use Help Hair Whey Protein daily to feed your hair with all the nutrients they need.